Evolve Pilates


All our Pilates equipment is made by Stott Pilates or Balanced Body, which are the gold standards for Pilates equipment

At Evolve, we offer:

stott cadillac
2 Stott Cadillac / Trapeze Tables
stott reformer
6 Professional Stott Reformers & 2 Balance Body Reformers

high barrel
1 Balanced Body High Barrel
stott wunda chair
4 Stott Wunda / Stability Split Pedal Chairs & 1 Balanced Body Wunda Chair

The CoreAlign - most intensive core exercise machine to date
small barrel
2 Small Barrels

We also utilize BOSU Balls, Stability Balls, Balance Discs, Foam Rolls, Wedge Mats, Therabands, Yoga Blocks, and Bar/dowel training to challenge & maximize the client’s core workout.