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GretchenAs an active woman who was born and raised in Palos Verdes, exercise has always been Gretchen's favorite activity.

While attending USC, she took several classes on fitness and nutrition and knew that one day she would make it her life's work to bring health and well being to the community. After raising four children, she enrolled in a Pilates class that introduced her to the fundamentals of obtaining and maintaining a healthy core and a strong flexible body.

After several years of Pilates training, Gretchen felt an overwhelming passion to take it to the next level and teach. In 2010 she became a fully certified Basi Pilates trained instructor. She chose Pilates as an area of concentration because science has repeatedly pointed toward balance, agility, strength and flexibility as the means to continued health, as we grow older.

Pilates is based on systematic practices of stretching, breathing, concentration, fluidity and control. Gretchen's instruction will also focus on precision, awareness, and efficiency in which the movement is performed. Together we will bring these extremely important techniques to your body and mind and this will enable us to achieve our goals.  She fell in love with the way Pilates made her body look and feel. Gretchen hopes that you will treat yourself to excellent health by joining her in gaining strength, flexibility, agility and a longer leaner looking you.

When she is not teaching you can find Gretchen with her two younger children shuffling between baseball and soccer practices. Gretchen is also an active member of The National Charity League and an enthusiastic participant in their church.