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Anthony Waters

Anthony WatersAnthony Waters owner and director of Evolve Rehabilitation and Pilates, opened his doors in January 2006. Anthony completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 1988 from UCLA and continued his education at the University of Southern California achieving a Masters in Physical Therapy in 1992. He has been a practicing Physical Therapist in the South Bay for 23 years.

In 2001, Anthony began exploring other exercise regimes to aid with the rehabilitation of his patients. He wanted something that could continue progressing their rehab but would be safe yet effective. Researching different treatment exercise regimes, he felt Pilates was the best at encompassing alignment, efficiency, and incorporating proper sequencing of movement. He studied under Sarah Lampro Bertelli in 2002 and finished the Comprehension Pilates Certification from Body Arts and Science International with Rael Isacowitz in 2004.

Anthony has been an Adjunct Professor in exercise Pilates for Mount Saint Mary’s Physical Therapy department since 2005. He has embarked on a Movement Science Physical Therapy specialization through Prague School of Medicine and Dr. Kolar and the teachings of the late Dr. Vladimir Janda.

Anthony’s passion for proper biomechanics and movement patterns is complemented by the precision, alignment, and efficiency built into the pilates regime. Anthony has adapted these pilates principles into 3 paramount principles, “Pilates aligns your body, increases movement efficiency, and teaches a person to handle their own body weight.”

Anthony and wife Debbie have been married since 2008 and are the blessed parents of twins born in August of 2010, Alyssa and Hailey.